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March/April 2013
We could not be more thrilled to report to you that Sr. Picolo, whom we asked prayer for in our last letter, has now received Christ as his Savior!!! The first time we met him, he was in a rest home where we had regular weekly services. Of the twenty to thirty residents that would attend our meeting, we would say that his response to the plan of salvation always seemed very “cold” and irresponsive. After our furlough, we went back to the home to do visits on a regular basis, and we were told that Sr. Picolo had moved, and no one seemed to have his phone number or knew where he was. Then, as we told you in our last letter, one day he called us and told us that he was “missing us,” and that he would like to have a visit! When we went to see him, we found out that he was not receiving good care at all, and he seemed really discouraged. After we read the Bible, prayed and sang, and we could tell that he was touched. As always, John gave him the plan of salvation, gave him a tract, and told him we would be back soon. Since then, we have continued to visit him. On our most recent visit, John told him near the end of our time together that if he ever wanted to get saved he should let us know. He then smiled and said, “I am a believer. I believed after reading one of your booklets!” How thankful we are to our Heavenly Father and also to you dear ones who prayed specifically for Sr. Picolo! Please continue to pray for us as we now disciple him in the Word.
It was a joy to witness the marriage of Melkey and Marta, a young couple who were saved through the ministry in São Pedro. We are anxious to see what God is going to do with this young man and lady. Both are talented musically, and Melkey has become a real leader especially among the young people. Although we were not able to witness it, another wedding took place in Juazeiro do Norte two weeks ago. John’s niece, JoyAnna Leonard, was married to a young man who grew up in our youth group in Maceio, Fabio Volpi. We were honored that they stopped in and stayed with us for three days during their honeymoon! They were making their way down to the southern tip of Brazil where Fabio is currently ministering. After Fabio preached at our congregation this past Sunday night, one lady came forward for salvation. How exciting for these “newlyweds” to start out their married life being used of God in such a way!

Wedding of Melkey and Marta
Since our last letter, we received some of the best news two “older people” could ever want! The Lord willing, our son Jerrod, and his wife, Alyssa will be having our very first grandchild on or around September 27th!!!! You can imagine the excitement there is around here and in our family. We are enjoying calling each other “Grandpa and Grandma,” and our kids are loving the thoughts of being called “Dad, Mom, Aunt, and Uncle!” Please pray for a safe delivery of a healthy baby, and that this child would grow to love and serve God.

Jerrod and wife expecting

our first grandchild!
Thank you for your fervent prayers. They are “availing much.” James 5:16
With grateful hearts,
John and Bev Leonard
Missionaries to Brazil with Baptist Mid-Missions

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