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Praise and Prayer Update

By bev


This is always one of the highlights of our week—to go out and visit the unsaved of our neighborhood. Pictured here is Senhor Antonio who has cancer and is also in a wheelchair. Once again, thank you for your prayers as Bev and I go out spreading the Good News.


We thank God for allowing us to be a citizen of a free country where you can vote. Over half of the world’s population are in countries that do not allow this. Bev and I received our overseas ballots and here we are voting!! May we never forget to pray for our country and also do our part as a citizen.


In recent months, many have asked questions about end times. John has been preaching a series on this very subject. Attendance has gone up…Sunday before last 76…last Sunday 83. Keep praying, God is answering.


The next three weekends we will be preaching in three different churches. The farthest one away is a five hour drive. Our emphasis will be evangelizing the lost, but while we are there, we will also be teaching a workshop to the men of the churches on how to speak in public. Traveling is not easy, but it is always worth it!! Once again, thanks for praying!!

Love, John and Bev Leonard

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