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John & Bev Leonard, Missionaries to Brazil



Greetings from Brazil!!

By john


We praise the Lord that two men (Marcio and Guilherme) who have been coming to church faithfully with their families, have accepted Christ as their Savior. Rejoice with us!! Please pray as on-going discipleship is done and that these men will soon not only be saved, but serving.


Right outside our bedroom window a bird called “Sabiá” decided to build a nest. Bev and I thank the Lord for the “Sabiá family” We not only have something to watch when we can, but listen to, especially dusk and dawn. He is always the first bird to sing and has a strong, beautiful song. Thank the Lord with us as He reminds us about the small things that can brighten our lives…even a bird nest, and a song.


Our church celebrated its first official VBS at the end of July and in August started our new Kid´s Club. It´s name is “CLUBIQUE.” At first most parents were polite, but would not allow their children to come. Now, only a month later, we are running between 15 and 20 kids. Pray for the salvation of these children and that through them we will be able to reach their families.


About 300 yards from the front of our church, the government has put up a complex of 600 apartments. This means 600 new families basically right next to our church. We have been praying that God would give us an open door to this new neighborhood, for it is a closed “no solicitors allowed” community. Two Sundays ago, a lady brought her two children to Kid´s Club and after being visited this Sunday returned with her two children and her husband. What a joy!! Pray that we can sit down with them and figure out a program that can be done during the week to reach others in the complex and still be within their regulations.


John has helped translate books from English to Portuguese many years ago, but as a couple, this is one ministry we have not undertaken. Joni and Friends (which is an international organization that helps the handicapped through the national local churches) wants to get organized in Brazil. Hope Baptist Church started by one of our BMM missionaries, Marvin Frey, is spear-heading this evangelistic effort. We were asked to do the translating of two of their training books. We praise the Lord that this has been done and Bev and I are still friends!!! Hope Baptist Church already has a work amongst the handicapped. As you well know from past letters and pictures, we have had a part in this ministry. Please pray that these books will open many doors of an unreached group to the Gospel of Christ and that many souls will be saved.


This past Saturday evening, we were invited to participate in the installation service of Pastor Ronaldo, his wife, Renata, and their son, Lucas at Central Baptist Church in Olympia, SP. This church was started by fellow missionaries Mark and Anita Swedberg.Even though it was a 5 hour drive away, we made the trip. Renata was saved as a child in the VBS of Barro Duro Baptist Church, a work we participated in as very young missionaries in the early 90´s. Pastor Ronaldo was reached through the visitation program at Graciliano Ramos Baptist Church, the work that we participated in after Barro Duro. They both attended Cariri Baptist Seminary where John´s brother, Jim, has been the director. One of the good aspects of being a “senior missionary“ is seeing folks from past works going into the ministry. Please pray for Ronaldo, Renata, and Lucas, as they begin this new chapter in their lives.


Jerrod is now back at FBBC for his sophomore year. He fully enjoyed his summer camp ministry. Joshua is teaching English, helping with church visitation, and forever making new friends. Jonna is working hard at getting done with her senior year of high school and looking forward to college. She also helps in the children´s and music music ministry of the church. Jeanne has begun her sophomore year and also helps in the various aspects of a missionary church. We covet your prayers for our children that they will always serve and honor God.


Over the years, we are certain of the fact that on a daily basis, your prayers on our behalf are taken “new” before the throne of God. That is the main part of all that has happened in the many places we have ministered. Once again, T H A N K Y O U, and may the Lord richly bless you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Missionaries John and Bev Leonard
(Written by John!!)

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Olá, Pr. João, D. Bev e família.

Eu e Jane estamos bem, graças a Deus; e, esperamos que vocês também. Nossos familiares lembram com saudade de vocês e procuram obter mais notícias por nós.

Há aproximadamente 1 mês, estamos freqüentando a Igreja Batista Memorial Calcário (Eustáquio Gomes), e percebemos o quanto fomos bem alicerçados na palavra de Deus.

Iremos completar 2 ANOS de casados no dia 24 de novembro de 2008, e estamos muito felizes.

Esperamos notícias suas!!

We are having a Ladies Regional Meeting here in Webster City, Iowa tomorrow, and we will be praying for your family, and especially as John has a Dr.’s appointment coming up. We would very much like to know when you will be flying back to the states, so we can pray for that. God bless you and your family. We continue to pray for your chlildren also, as they seek to know what God wants them to do with their lives.
Love in Christ, Sharon Abbas

Hello pr. John, Mrs. Bev and family.

I’m Cinho,Coqueiro Seco.AL

Now was that I found your site. I wonder if you’re well. I hope all is well.

I wish you health, peace and much faith, so that the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ continue lighting your path.

You are so worthy of the benefits of peace planted in this region, which would contribute to the achievement of his autobiography … maybe.

Stay in peace and may the lord continue to bless you..

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