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September, 2011 Prayer and Praise/John’s Health up-date

By bev

September, 2011


What a joy it has been to report to many of our prayer/financial support team!  God has granted safety over 5,200 miles across 16 different states.  The opportunities to share Christ were limitless…gas stations, VBS’s, toll booths, churches, prisons, wheelchair fix it shops, back yard barbecues, restaurants, camps…the list goes on.  We are now back in Iowa with full and thankful hearts. Sooo many times in our travels, we heard the words, “We pray faithfully for you every day.” Wow!  No wonder we are so blessed!  This is the first “long journey” (over one month) that we have made without our children since John’s injury. Even though there were a few tense moments (of course!), the trip went smoothly and God used His Word and worked through our lives in ways we never imagined. Many decisions were made for salvation, assurance, and a renewed Christian walk. Just this past Sunday a lady said, “Pastor John, before I heard your sermon, I was ready to give up on life. But after seeing you and hearing your testimony, I’m going to keep fighting and do what is right.”  Praise the Lord!


Awhile back, John had some difficulties breathing and began coughing up blood clots. A chest x-ray revealed what doctors thought to be pneumonia.  After a round of antibiotics was taken, a second x-ray still revealed something in his left lung, and the doctor requested a CAT scan followed by a PET scan followed by a bronchoscopy. Yesterday, we received the results.  A rare grape-sized lung stone was removed from the bronchial tube.  The doctor informed us that six weeks of strong antibiotics should take care of the severe infection that was backed up behind the stone.    He is feeling fine and all of us are REJOICING at God’s goodness to us. Thank you for praying.


Pray for us especially during the upcoming months of September and October. We will be involved in four missionary conferences, and many additional meetings. We know that God is faithful and will give us strength and blessings as He always does.


Our oldest son, Joshua, was finally diagnosed with severe osteoporosis caused by past radiation treatments.  The prescribed medication is helping him greatly.  Our second son, Jerrod and wife Alyssa, continue serving the Lord in Michigan.  Jonna is in the missionary nursing program at Faith Baptist Bible College, and playing soccer.  Jeanne feels God leading her to be a second grade school teacher and has officially begun classes at Des Moines Area Community College. Thank you for praying for our children as they follow God’s leading in their lives.

The three works we were involved in this past term (Jundiai, Gato Preto, and Sao Pedro) have all sent reports of growth and maturity. Thank you for praying that their lights may continue shining.

In the service of the King,
John and Bev Leonard



June, 2011 up-date

By bev

Being confident of this very thing, that he who hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Phil 1:6

Dear Prayer Team,                                                                                                                                                                                                           June, 2011

What a joy it has been to see God work in recent days…let us share with you only a few of His blessings and “good works” that are spoken of in Philippians 1:6.

May was a month filled with meetings in the churches and also special family events.  May 6th was the date of our son Jerrod’s and his fiance, Alyssa’s graduation from Faith Baptist Bible College.  Also on that day, we had the surprising honor of receiving the FBBC Foreign Missionary Alumni of the year award.  The next weekend (May 14th) was Jerrod and Alyssa Barth’s wedding in Normal, IL, in which John helped officiate along with Alyssa’s dad, Mel Barth (also a pastor).The following weekend,(May 21st) we held a high school graduation reception for our youngest daughter, Jeanne, here in our home in Ankeny, IA.

In June, our travels on the weekend and speaking opportunities during the week have continued along with hearing of several who have received Christ as Savior.  Our neighbor, Mike, was saved at the beginning of June.  Our son, Jerrod,and his wife Alyssa, who are spending the summer at a camp in Michigan, also witnessed the salvation of 5 adolescents at one of the recent Junior weeks.  Jonna left last week to help out for 8 weeks counselling at a camp in Wisconsin, and is looking forward to making a lasting spiritual impact in the lives of those kids.  One of her goals is to be able to lead at least one soul to Christ. She also has plans to attend Faith Baptist Bible College in the fall continuing her missionary-nursing degree. Jeanne recently invited an unsaved neighbor to attend a newly formed Bible study group.  Even though she (Lindsay) accepted the invitation, she was not able to make it, but has promised to try to be there next week.  Our oldest son, Josh, continues to be used of God in Brazil.  Just last night, his friend, Enrique, whom he met on the bus and invited to church, accepted Christ as Savior (along with three others) after the evening service!  Our hearts truly rejoice with the way God has used our family to reach out to others who need Him.

We continually hear “good news” from  “Good News Baptist Congregation” our current work in Sao Pedro, Brazil, Seven were recently baptized and the construction of the church building has continued in our absence!!  What a thrill to hear how God has been working.
foto foto-1

In July we will be making a long trip out east, and would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Pray that we would continue to be used mightily of the Lord in all of our meetings, and that God would grant to us safety and health as we travel. Nothing to be alarmed about, but John has had a couple of minor health issues as of late, and we ask that you pray for strength to be able to fulfill all of his upcoming responsibilities.

August is also a full month for us with lots of speaking including a week of family camp in which John is in charge of both the missionary and youth hours.  We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this area of our “support” that you as our prayer team give to us.  Prayer is our “life breath” and is THE REASON why we are able to be used of God.  Yes, through your prayers, God is “performing” that which He began years ago. Thank you so much for your faithfulness!  As Uncle Sam says, “WE WANT (NEED) YOU!”  With His grace and your prayers, we will continue enjoying His “good works” in our lives.
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Leonards on Local Channel 13 WHO TV News

By bev



To God Be The Glory

By bev

Dear Prayer Team, January 5, 2009

We praise the Lord that He has given us strength to help the work here in Jundiaí in many ways. As we mentioned in previous letters, it is now capable of being carried on totally by the national believers. We have experienced this moment before, but the excitement of it never grows dull. You (our prayer team) are a vital part of this moment through your prayers and sacrificial giving. To God be the glory.

God in a wonderful way has opened up a preaching point in the city of Cajamar. Our services have been attended by an average of 15 people. Although no one has accepted Christ as Savior yet, we see interest through the questions asked and expect in the near future to see souls saved. There are no other churches nearby, and we see this as an opportunity to reach the unreached. Yesterday, our son Jerrod brought the message from Genesis 22, the story of Abraham and Isaac and how God supplied the sacrifice. The second part of the message was explaining that for man’s salvation, God supplied the sacrifice by sending His Son, Jesus. Pray for the salvation of souls in Cajamar.

On Sunday, December 28, our family had the opportunity to minister to a congregation in the city of Niteroi. We were able to encourage the believers and after the evening service, lead a lady and a young girl to Christ. Please pray for this new work and Cristiane and Vanda, the two newest babes in Christ!

John’s has enjoyed good health. Whenever we see a problem we have been careful to address it quickly. We know that this has been the direct answer to all your prayers. Thank you for praying for John’s health. John’s two-year check-up is scheduled April, 2009 at Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. We will be making a quick two-month trip back to the States to make sure everything is fine. Pray for our trip, and pray for John’s check-up.


It has been a joy to have our family together during this Christmas and New Years’ season. Our 25th wedding anniversary on December 31 was very special, as we celebrated not only with our kids, but also with congregation in Niteroi. Jonna and Jerrod’s trip back to the States is planned for the 7th of January, just two days away. Jonna will enter nursing school in Iowa, and will be missed greatly by us, not only here at home, but also in the work. Jerrod will continue his sophomore year at Faith Baptist Bible College. Josh plans to continue his teaching job here in Brazil and helping out with the new ministry. Jeanne will be working in the children’s department in Cajamar, and also finishing up her sophmore year in high school. Thank you for praying, our family (John, Bev, Joshua, Jerrod, Jonna, and Jeanne).

Because He lives,

John and Bev Leonard and family



Praise and Prayer Update

By bev


This is always one of the highlights of our week—to go out and visit the unsaved of our neighborhood. Pictured here is Senhor Antonio who has cancer and is also in a wheelchair. Once again, thank you for your prayers as Bev and I go out spreading the Good News.


We thank God for allowing us to be a citizen of a free country where you can vote. Over half of the world’s population are in countries that do not allow this. Bev and I received our overseas ballots and here we are voting!! May we never forget to pray for our country and also do our part as a citizen.


In recent months, many have asked questions about end times. John has been preaching a series on this very subject. Attendance has gone up…Sunday before last 76…last Sunday 83. Keep praying, God is answering.


The next three weekends we will be preaching in three different churches. The farthest one away is a five hour drive. Our emphasis will be evangelizing the lost, but while we are there, we will also be teaching a workshop to the men of the churches on how to speak in public. Traveling is not easy, but it is always worth it!! Once again, thanks for praying!!

Love, John and Bev Leonard



Greetings from Brazil!!

By john


We praise the Lord that two men (Marcio and Guilherme) who have been coming to church faithfully with their families, have accepted Christ as their Savior. Rejoice with us!! Please pray as on-going discipleship is done and that these men will soon not only be saved, but serving.


Right outside our bedroom window a bird called “Sabiá” decided to build a nest. Bev and I thank the Lord for the “Sabiá family” We not only have something to watch when we can, but listen to, especially dusk and dawn. He is always the first bird to sing and has a strong, beautiful song. Thank the Lord with us as He reminds us about the small things that can brighten our lives…even a bird nest, and a song.


Our church celebrated its first official VBS at the end of July and in August started our new Kid´s Club. It´s name is “CLUBIQUE.” At first most parents were polite, but would not allow their children to come. Now, only a month later, we are running between 15 and 20 kids. Pray for the salvation of these children and that through them we will be able to reach their families.


About 300 yards from the front of our church, the government has put up a complex of 600 apartments. This means 600 new families basically right next to our church. We have been praying that God would give us an open door to this new neighborhood, for it is a closed “no solicitors allowed” community. Two Sundays ago, a lady brought her two children to Kid´s Club and after being visited this Sunday returned with her two children and her husband. What a joy!! Pray that we can sit down with them and figure out a program that can be done during the week to reach others in the complex and still be within their regulations.


John has helped translate books from English to Portuguese many years ago, but as a couple, this is one ministry we have not undertaken. Joni and Friends (which is an international organization that helps the handicapped through the national local churches) wants to get organized in Brazil. Hope Baptist Church started by one of our BMM missionaries, Marvin Frey, is spear-heading this evangelistic effort. We were asked to do the translating of two of their training books. We praise the Lord that this has been done and Bev and I are still friends!!! Hope Baptist Church already has a work amongst the handicapped. As you well know from past letters and pictures, we have had a part in this ministry. Please pray that these books will open many doors of an unreached group to the Gospel of Christ and that many souls will be saved.


This past Saturday evening, we were invited to participate in the installation service of Pastor Ronaldo, his wife, Renata, and their son, Lucas at Central Baptist Church in Olympia, SP. This church was started by fellow missionaries Mark and Anita Swedberg.Even though it was a 5 hour drive away, we made the trip. Renata was saved as a child in the VBS of Barro Duro Baptist Church, a work we participated in as very young missionaries in the early 90´s. Pastor Ronaldo was reached through the visitation program at Graciliano Ramos Baptist Church, the work that we participated in after Barro Duro. They both attended Cariri Baptist Seminary where John´s brother, Jim, has been the director. One of the good aspects of being a “senior missionary“ is seeing folks from past works going into the ministry. Please pray for Ronaldo, Renata, and Lucas, as they begin this new chapter in their lives.


Jerrod is now back at FBBC for his sophomore year. He fully enjoyed his summer camp ministry. Joshua is teaching English, helping with church visitation, and forever making new friends. Jonna is working hard at getting done with her senior year of high school and looking forward to college. She also helps in the children´s and music music ministry of the church. Jeanne has begun her sophomore year and also helps in the various aspects of a missionary church. We covet your prayers for our children that they will always serve and honor God.


Over the years, we are certain of the fact that on a daily basis, your prayers on our behalf are taken “new” before the throne of God. That is the main part of all that has happened in the many places we have ministered. Once again, T H A N K Y O U, and may the Lord richly bless you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Missionaries John and Bev Leonard
(Written by John!!)



John and Bev Leonard Update

By bev

Merry Christmas!! Just kidding! South of the equator, poinsettias bloom in June/July, as you can see!! It makes sense, since it is “winter” down here right now, and in the States, (or north of the equator,) they bloom around Christmas time. It is interesting, though, that down here, they are called “Flor de Natal” which means “Christmas Flower!” Some of you were wondering what our front yard and also “Panga” our family dog looks like, so this will help out! Panga normally sits real still when John pets him, but not for this picture!!


Our traditional “Noite de Milho”–literally translated “Corn Night” evangelistic outreach was held this past Saturday night, and proved to be a huge blessing. Besides there being an attendance of over 200 people, LOTS of “corn delicacies” served (corn bread, corn cake, corn patties, corn pudding, corn on the cob, popcorn, and even corn juice to drink!?!), and “warm” fellowship enjoyed around a large bonfire late into the night, MANY unsaved heard the Word of God preached and the Gospel presented. John had the privilege of bringing the devotional from Psalm 95, and the last point of his message came from verse 8, “DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEART.” Four people came to him to talk for long periods of time, the last being a man named Paulo for whom we have requested prayer before. Paulo was in the room when Gilmar made a decision for salvation in the hospital with John, and he told us straight up that day that he was a spiritist, and that he was very happy with his “religion.” At the time, he seemed really closed to hear about what Christ had done for him. How shocked we were to know first of all that he came to a church event, and especially that he said he wanted to talk to John afterward! John once again gave him the plan of salvation, and was able to give him a “Crucial Questions” booklet which he promised to read. Please continue to pray for the salvation of Paulo, Karla, Leticia, and Jane.

This week we are gearing up for VBS which will be held next week July 22-28. We are right at this time in the process of making up the fliers and the youth will be distributing them on Saturday night. If all goes as planned, the actual VBS will be held during the week and then next Saturday will be the practice for our program held on Sunday night. The plan is to invite the parents to attend the Sunday evening service/VBS presentation. We are excited, since this will be used as a “kick-off” into our new childrens’ club ministry beginning the following week!! Please pray!




Since we last wrote, the church auditorium ceiling has been completed and it looks soooo nice!! As we mentioned before, the best part about this project is that we as missionaries gave VERY LITTLE financially towards this. In order to save money, John headed up a “campaign” for the collection of empty milk boxes to help out with the insulation. The church family then held several “work days” to wash, cut, flatten, staple together, and attach the boxes to large sheets of styrofoam, which were fit together tightly above the PVC ceiling. We were amazed at how the church body worked on this ministry and we are SO THANKFUL that it is 100% paid for!! Please praise the Lord together with us for the victory of our auditorium ceiling being completed!!

Our next construction phase includes covering the iron supports that still show on the sides near the ceiling (see picture), followed by the re-doing of our flooring of which several options are being considered. John has been preaching on Sunday evenings (our best attended services) on different Bible characters, and this coming Sunday he is planning to speak on Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls. What a blessing to see our people getting excited about making our place of worship more pleasant and attractive. The Lord has continued to bless us with many visitors in our services and also the salvation of souls.


The biggest family news that we have is that our Josh is now here with us in Brazil! He is taking a break from his Bible college studies and is currently teaching English. After accepting his teaching position, two other schools contacted him as well, so he was thankful that he had several offers!! He seems to be enjoying it so far, and is doing well. Since his visual impairment will not allow him to drive, he rides the bus, which picks him up at the bus stop right at the end of our driveway. Josh also got some good news yesterday after a doctor’s exam showed that he would not need to continue to take the strong seizure medicine he has been taking for over three years. He has been a good help with the girls’ home-schooling as well as working in the church, was asked by John to give the Bible study at prayer meeting tomorrow night, and also plans to work in VBS next week as his work schedule allows.

Jerrod is on summer break from FBBC and is spending the summer as a counselor/lifeguard at Lincoln Lake Baptist Camp in Michigan. We don’t hear a lot from him since he is only allowed computer access on the weekends, but is pretty faithful at keeping in touch, even if his e-mails are full of abbreviations (which our kids have to interpret for us “old folks” to understand) and short, “sweet,” and to-the-point messages. We are thankful that he is being used of the Lord in this way and pray that he is not only making an impact in the lives of the kids, but also growing in his own walk with the Lord. Jonna is busy in her senior year of studies. She made up her own daily schedule and has kept with it so far. It looks like her goal of being finished in December may become a reality! That way she will be able to go back to the States with Jerrod, who plans to come down at Christmas. We are really excited for the entire family to be together then! Jeanne has begun her sophmore year on a lower key–reading and doing her five book reports. She is on her third one now and really isn’t minding it too much since she enjoys reading. She got some very exciting news today. Her friend Laura, who lives in the States that she invited to church back in 2006 just accepted Christ as Savior!! Jeanne has asked prayer for her nearly every Wednesday evening, and tomorrow night she will have a “praise” to share! Please thank the Lord together with us for Laura’s salvation, and also remember to pray for Josh, Jerrod, Jonna, and Jeanne!

How thankful we are for each one of your prayers on our behalf!! God has been good, as you can see!!

His for Brazil,



September, 2007

By admin

Dear Praying Friends,

II Corinthians 4:16 says “For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” What a comfort this verse has been to us!! In the midst of trials, we know that the Lord will renew our spirits every day!!

We are writing a brief up-date from the “Lan House” (a place where you go to get on the internet for a short period of time and pay a small fee) which is about a 15 minute drive from our home. Yes, we have been in contact with the server that we have for internet in our home, called “Speedy” five times since it stopped working last Wednesday. Each time, they told us that within 24 hours we would be receiving a call from a technician to resolve the problem. No calls until now. Actually, John got on yesterday and told them the situation, and they now have promised that a technician will come to our home within 48 hours. I guess that is progress!?! At any rate we are thinking of recommending that they change their server name to anything other than “Speedy!!” But we know that we need to have patience and be thankful in ALL things, so that is what we are trying to do. Please pray that we would be the examples we should be in this situation, and that soon the internet service would be returned to our home. Also, on Friday, John’s power wheelchair went on the blink. In the States, we would simply make our way out to West Des Moines, have them fix it, and go on with life. However, down here, things are not that easy. Without the internet, we were not able to ask our prayer team to pray, but we know that many of you prayed anyway, since John was able to use the guys that are doing the construction here at the church to make it so that he could at least use it. So we appreciate so much your prayers. But tomorrow(Wednesday, August 29, we are headed to Sao Paulo to see if we can find someone to fix it right. Please pray for safety, as one of the problems has been that when John is riding in the van, the chair will flip over on it’s side. (VERY SCARY!!! to say the least) Fortunately, we do have his manual chair, and we will most likely use that for travelling tomorrow. But, we asked our son Jerrod to send us the tie-downs from our van in the States. We were getting along fine without them before (we had “rigged” something else that was working), but it seems that it now is somewhat “out of balance” — possibly because of the “rough terrain” that John goes on down here!! One of the guys from our church recommended a person here in town that has a “forklift” company, that may be able help a little. We knew that there was one “Invacare” representative here in Brazil, but they are in Porto Alegre which is at least 10 hours by car from us. We called them and asked them for a name of someone near us that would fix it and their response was “just send the chair to us and we will fix it!” Very “simple” solution!! Continue to pray for this matter that the Lord’s will be done. We are confident He is going to work everything out for His glory and that He has a good purpose for all of this!
OK…enough of that…lets move on to the Lord’s blessings, which are always abundant!! Our Thursday night Bible study has been so exciting! Continue to pray for the six unsaved people who are attending on a regular basis. We are studying through the book of John, and at last week’s study, we sensed that the Lord was really working in their lives. Pray that soon we will see decisions.

Claudio and Isabel came to the couples’ meeting we had last Saturday evening, and we were so encouraged. They are slowly coming around. Adam and his family were all in church on Sunday evening, and they are also gradually becoming more faithful at the services. Both of Juvana’s parents were in the service on Sunday evening (Jose and Dottie). They are not only unsaved, but also our neighbors, and we are trying earnestly to reach them for the Lord.

Wow!! Something VERY EXCITING we heard from our church in Coqueiro Seco (the church were the incident with John occurred)… One of the ladies of our church who is very dear to our family, Ana, accepted Christ as Savior!! We have prayed for her since the work began, and our hearts were just overjoyed when we heard this news. She and her husband, Nene, are the ones that are still living on the property there, and they are a great couple. Nene accepted Christ as Savior the Sunday after our inauguration service back in April of 2004. He has been a blessing in the work there. Continue to pray for Pastor Andre and Deborah as they labor faithfully there. They are also reporting five recent desicions for Christ in the adolescents’ group they have on Saturday afternoons. Praise the Lord, He is still at work in Coqueiro Seco. We are also requesting prayer that a missionary would step in to help out there. When we started that work, we were planning to be there the rest of our lives. It is in a very needy village, and we knew it would probably take a long time to totally nationalize it, since the salaries that the people make there are small. Perhaps someone reading this letter would be burdened for this ministry!! We have a missionary family that has shown some interest, but the earliest they can take over would be in June of 2008. It would be great if someone could step in to help out right now!! If you feel the Lord calling you to be a part of this ministry in some way, please let us know!

The girls officially started home schooling this past Monday, the 27th of August. It is going fine, but please pray for patience as the year goes on for all of us. Also pray for Josh and Jerrod who have begun their semester at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA. We thank you for your prayers for Josh. He recently went back to the doctor for a check-up, and found out that there was already blood-flow through the part of the hip that was operated on. The doctor had said that it could take up to a year for this to happen, and it happened in about a month and a half!! Once again, your prayers at work!! We are also thankful that he is able to continue his studies at Faith, as we were not sure if he would be healed up in time. Pray for our guys that they would take their studies seriously and follow the Lord’s leading in their lives.

We apologize to those of you who have written personal e-mails to us in recent days. Most of you know that we try hard to answer them within one week of receiving them, but it was not possible this time. As soon as our “Speedy” internet service returns, we will reply to you!

Being renewed day by day,
John and Bev Leonard and family



August 14, 2007

By admin

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord for His goodness!! Thank you for your prayers for the outreach ministry we had on Saturday, August 11th. Sixty people from a church in a neighboring town came for the day to help us canvass the entire area here with tracts and invitations to the film night that we had. The film “Left Behind” was shown, and although there were not as many results as we would have liked, we know that many tracts were left in the hands of those around us and we are just letting the Lord work. Many of you prayed for “Cristiane” who came to our Corn night. Actually, we need to correct the name, since we had mixed her up with another lady. Her actual name is JUVANA, and even though she has not visited the church, her mother, Dottie, was at the meeting on Sunday night!! We were so thrilled to see her! Continue to remember Juvana and Dottie and family in prayer. Pray also for Claudio. We also asked recently that you pray for Odair, who is participating in one of our Bible studies. He is growing by leaps and bounds in the Lord and actually brought his friend, Claudio, out here to the church to be saved during the week! It was neat! He was so ready to accept Christ, and he was also in the service on Sunday night, along with his wife, Isabel. Bev talked quite awhile with Isabel, and she is not a Christian–has a Catholic background, but we feel that she is close to making a decision. She is happy with Claudio’s decision to become a Christian. Also, we were able to begin a brand new Bible study at Adriano and Renata’s place of business this past Thursday evening. It was a real blessing, as there were six who were not saved and of those six, three of them had never participated in a Bible study of any kind. We are going through a study in John and they seemed to really enjoy it. Continue to pray that the Lord would use this as a tool to reach them with the Gospel.

The church roof is covered!! We are very excited! The plastering of the outside has been completed, and there is a large group of workers that is coming on Saturday to do the inside. Bev will be helping to make the “bean soup” with rice that they like to make to feed large groups. It is called “feijoada” and is made with black beans. Even though it is quite tasty, the “meat” that they throw in the pot to make it flavorful can be quite “unappetizing,” to say the least. How can we say this nicely? Let’s see…do you know what normally goes into a good old American hotdog? That is what they put into the beans without grinding it up!! John really gets into this kind of thing and can’t wait to go buy the “meat” sometime this week. Bev is not quite so anxious. Enough of that subject!! Continue to pray for the construction of the church. It has been a true blessing to see it all come together and the best part has been to see the participation of the Brazilians!!

As far as we know, the boys are doing fine. Never in our lives have we been so excited to receive these occasional one to two line e-mails!! Perhaps it is just because they are boys and don’t like to put anything “extra” in their letters–only the very basics. But we love them, just the same! Please continue to pray for Josh and Jerrod. It seems that Josh has healed up nicely from his surgery and that he will be able to begin classes at FBBC soon. We are so grateful for the Rotz family in Chariton, IA who have graciously taken Josh into their home at this time. Jerrod is at Bev’s brother, Curt’s house in Ankeny, IA and is doing fine. He told us he is ready and seems pretty excited about going to college. They both desire to be used of the Lord in His service, and please pray with us that this dream of theirs would someday become a reality!! Jonna and Jeanne are doing well. Jeanne had a good 14th birthday. We invited the youth group over (12 youth besides Jonna and Jeanne) and they were all so quiet at first! We were wondering how the whole thing was going to go. Since they were eating homemade pizza, though, we think they were all just hungry. After that, the Coke really “kicked in” and it was hard to get them to settle down! To top everything off, when it was time for them to leave, John asked who wanted to come in the bedroom and “watch the show” of us getting him from the chair into bed. There was a rather wild RUSH to the door, and they all lined up at the end of the bed to “see it happen!!” Kind of crazy, but it was lots of fun, and something they will always remember!! Not sure who is crazier, John or the youth! Your prayers for our family are always appreciated.

Thank you, dear ones, for praying for us! We will stay in touch! In His service, John and Bev Leonard



Brief up-date from the Leonards…

By admin

-That Josh came through the hip surgery well, and is recuperating in Chariton, IA.
-That we had great attendance at our church services yesterday despite the low temperatures (53 degrees and no heat in the church building!)
-That the new believers are growing and excited about the things of the Lord
-For the 11th of August–a special day when we will host a group of 45 believers from another church who will come and spend the day with us evangelizing and canvassing our section of town. We are planning to show the first video of the “Left Behind” series that night as a means to reach out to the unbelievers.
-For continued growth in the lives of Adam and family and other new believers.
-For the unsaved believers and others who came to the Corn Fest–especially Cristiane who recently came close to accepting Christ as Savior.
-For the construction going on at the church–pray that the ceiling of the church gets finished quickly.
-For Josh that he will be able to begin classes at FBBC on August 21 and also for Jerrod as he begins classes at Faith as well.